Main ingredients

Gymnema Herbal Tea “PHU NAN BRAND”  made from organic herbs 100%. With the manufacturing process to have clean and safe pure essence without color and scent. The ingredients are Gymnema, Morus alba L. and Pandanus amaryllifolins Roxb. It has nice scent, easy to drink and non-caffeine.

FDA No. 55-1-01359-1-0003

Gymnema innodorum (Lour.)

It contains Gymnemic acid whihc has the similar structure to glucose so it attaches to receptor cells in the intestine to protect sugar adsorption. Moreover, it decreases and controls sugar balance. It restores beta cells of pancrease (organ to produce insulin), increases insulin amount to create balance in order to deliver sugar to the tissues all over the body. It is the useful energy that activates cells to deliver sugar.

Morus alba L.

There is the essence in Morus alba L. that restrains carbohydrate digestion to become glucose so less sugar is delivered to the body. There is GABA that helps to reduce blood pressure and relax.  Phytosterol decrease cholresterol, delay cholesteral adsorption process from intestine, eliminate exceeding fat through excretory system. It also contains amino acid that is beneficial for body as well as the antioxindents.

Pandanus amaryllifolins Roxb

It nourishes heart and vessel and enhances energy and nerve system so it relieves weakness and helps to adjust blood pressure, relieve joint pain and diuretic.

Benefits from the 3 herbs


Reduce sugar level in blood when drinkin 2-3 week consecutively. Regular drink will help to adjust the normal sugar level in blood.


Nourish, restore and adjust the function of pancrease to produce BETA cells efficiently.


Adjust insulin level in balance level and transform sugar into energy so it will not accumulate in blood.


Adjust and maintain blood pressure in the normal level.


Reduce LDL level,  triglyceride, coronary thrombosis, help to better blood circulation and enhance vessel.


Preven complications from diabetes and high sugar level in blood such as hypertension, Coronary Artery Disease, Stroke, Kidney failure,  Peripheral neuropathies and Cataract, including fatty liver.


Enhance metabolism system, reduce weight and tighten muscel.


Detoxify toxin and accumualte fat in intestine. The first stage of drinking, urine has high concentration with strong smell which is the detoxification process. After that, the body will adjust balance and the excretory system will be normal: urine will be clearer.


Relieve joint and bone pain from Gout.


Contain minerals and vitamins that are beneficial for body and other antioxidents to prevent againg, create bright skin as well as contains amino acids that are useful for body.

Eating behavior

Eating behavior affects diabetes treatment. Eat useful and healthy food with low sugar such as eating brown rice instead of white rice. Having regular exercise would help to better body systems. Take enough rest is important.

Significnace of maintaining sugar level in blood

Human body needs to have appropriate level of sugar in blood  all the time. This is because cellls need sugar to transform to energy. If there is low sugar level or insufficient sugar, body system cannot fuction well. If sugar level is too high constantly for a long period and the sugar control system permanently deteriorates, it results in diabetes and other severe complication disease. The main cuase is the high level of sugar in blood.


It is an alternative for patient with diabetes and one ho would like to control sugar level in blood. Prevent complication disese to the body systems with natural wya without side effect and save cost from using conventional medicine.

Diabetes Hypertension Hyperlipidemia Heart disease Fatty liver Prevent kidney failure Obesity

One who is healthy can drink for nourishing health and relax. Herbal drink with non-caffeine

How to make and drink:

  • For the best taste and benefits, mix one tea bag in a glass of hot water (250 ml.). Leave it for 7-10 minutes and drink while it is warm. (repeating making tea from 1 bag of tea and should drink within the day.)
  • Dilute one tea bag in 1-1.5 liter of hot water. Leave it for 10-15 minutes and remove tea bag.(keep in the hot storage container to keep it warm) Alternate drink with water through the day.


  1. Drinking warn tea helps to better blood circulation, reduce blood concentration and well absorb the essence in tea.
  2. One who starts drinking tea should drink after meal to enhance digestion system.


  1. One with high stomach acid, do not drink while having empty stomach.
  2. Patient with diabetes and severe kidney disease should consult doctor.